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How To Run A God-Centered Business [Christian Entrepreneurship]

Are you having a difficult time combining your business with faith? Here are some tips to help you out with this struggle as a Christian entrepreneur.

As an entrepreneur, combining faith and money can be difficult to achieve a God-centered business. Because running a business is always centered on money. And faith requires you put no other god before you except our Father God above. If there were times that your business has been in conflict with faith, the following tips might help you become an entrepreneur without compromising your spiritual life in the process.

God-Centered Business: The Key To Being A Successful Entrepreneur

1. Honor God with the resources you’ve been given.        

This means giving 10% of your total earnings back to God. If we acknowledge Him as the only provider from whom we got what we have now, our loyalty and obedience will be rewarded in full. This doesn’t mean giving God’s part of your earnings as a responsibility and a burden but more out of having a generous heart. A grateful heart for all the blessings you have received from Him.

2. Be good stewards of God’s blessings.

If there is one reason why God has blessed us with the means to earn more profit than what the regular employees earn, it is not for our own benefit alone. He has placed us in that position to be conduits of God’s blessings that we may all be able to serve one another out of His love and His generosity to us. There are many ways you can help others through your business.

  • First, offer the best benefits for your employees. Give them the rewards they deserve for their hard work.

  • Second, donate a portion of your company’s profits to create or support projects for the community’s benefit.

  • Third, partner with your local church in sending missionaries all over the world.

  • Fourth, put up a foundation that will empower those who are not privileged enough to send their children to school.

  • Fifth, organize medical missions not just in your local community but even abroad and the list can go on and on.

3. Do not conform to the patterns of the business world.

Stay pure, holy, and blameless when conducting all of your business dealings. How?

As a Christian entrepreneur, we must wear the Armor of God (Ephesians 6:11 NLT)

which consists of the belt of truth, the breastplate of righteousness, the shoes of the gospel of peace, the shield of faith, the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit. This will protect you from being drawn to the temptations of the enemy using money and in keeping a God-centered business. Because as they say, “the love of money is the root of all evil.”

4. Treat your business relations not as a competition but as a partnership.

Yes, a partnership where all high-earning businesses and companies work together for the greater good of everyone. If you are a God-fearing entrepreneur, you will treat your “competitors” not as rivals but people who can help you. People who can help you with your business and vice versa. Once again, if this is the goal of every company, there is a higher chance of eliminating the stronghold of money on entrepreneurs.

Because money now becomes a tool – a tool to help others and not as a god.

5. Acknowledge God in your business.

Last but definitely not the least, proclaim God’s Word in your company. We must believe and claim that the reason why God gave our businesses to us is to proclaim His glory. To proclaim His Name so more people will get to know Him.

Money, your business, and you, yourself, are the medium for God’s plans to work and one of them is to make disciples all throughout the world.

A God-centered business comes with even greater responsibility.

Not because having money comes with a greater and heavier burden, but because God expects us to use it according to His will. Use it according to His plans. Be a good steward. This means a greater work on our part. It is our duty as Christ’s followers to do His will rather than ours. We need to be the Ambassador of Christ for the world, becoming His steward of all that He provides for us.

“We pleaded with you, encouraged you, and urged you to live your lives in a way that God would consider worthy. For He called you to share in His Kingdom and glory.” – 1 Thessalonians 2:12 NLT

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