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Create Your Action plan Board! (My Secret to Productivity)

  • “I really believe that if you’re going to do any major projects in your life or if you’re trying to achieve your dreams, you need one of these Action Plan Boards.”

  • If you have trouble following through with your goals and staying motivated, one of the best things you can do is create a visual representation of your goals.

  • “Having a visual representation of what you’re after, and looking at it every day, is so critical to all of personal development and business growth training of all time.”


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Hey all, it’s me Dr. Laura Narry. People are always asking me, “Doctor Laura how do you plan out your life and business. How do you get things done,” I have this concept I want to teach you called the Action Plan Board.

I really believe that if you’re going to do any major projects in your life or if you’re trying to achieve your dreams, you need one of these Action Plan Boards. Create one, set it up in your house or office where you and everyone can see it daily. Then share it on social media on LinkedIn or Facebook, tag me and use the hashtag #CornerstoneConsulting. Because I’d love to see what your Action Plan Boards look like.

Enjoy the training. Create your Action Plan Board. Write it down. Create your Action Plan Board. What does that mean?

Here’s what it means.

If I could go through the internet and show up in your house or office right now, could you take me by the hand and show me a wall in your house or office that clearly outlines and shows what you are working towards? And by the end of 2021? Maybe you call it a vision wall, a mission wall, or your battle board. But can you show me, visually in your house or office—not on your computer, not in your little phone, not on this one little note you tuck away and hide from everybody else so they don’t see what you’re working on—a wall with your action plan?

This is one of the keys why so many people don’t breakthrough.

They don’t breakthrough because often what ends up happening for them is, unfortunately, they don’t have a plan. They won’t talk about it and they won’t say anything to anybody and yet, if you get down to it, you start coaching, start working with them, you find out they didn’t have a plan. So, I think it’s so important that you realize the value of having your action plan.

So, what’s an Action Plan Board? If I showed up in your house or office, you would have a wall somewhere. Maybe you wrote it on an 8.5 by 11. In my room, I literally got butcher paper and took some blue tape and strapped this Action Plan Boards across the wall. And what is on that wall? There are 12 boxes on that wall, ladies and gentlemen. What’s on that Action Plan Board? 12 boxes. What’s each box? A month!

Each box represents one month, and within that box, what do I have written down? The goals that have to happen that month, the metrics that have to happen that month, the steps I’m going to take that month, the key activities of that month. Right there for everyone to see, on the Action Plan Board.

I’ve seen a lot of these from clients before. I’ll walk in and there’s their Action Plan Board and they might have a fancy one made out of burlap and tacks and have a beautiful LinkedIn-ready Action Plan Board. They’ve got their mission statement across the top. Then they’ve got a reminder of the three words of who they want to be as a person. (ex. Enthusiastic, bold, present. ) Then they’ve got the 12 boxes. “Oh look! In July, here are the numbers they’re trying to hit. Here’s what they’re trying to do in August. Here’s what they’re trying to do in September.”

On that Action Plan Board, it might be the most simple of things. It might be in September—event coming up. What are they doing before the event to plan for it? Here are the five steps. October, what are they doing? They’re taking a vacation. Here’s what’s going on. Visually representing your Action plan that’s on a wall, that you see all the time, is so important.

I cannot tell you how many people fail to do this.

I think it’s unfortunate because I know many of you have been in corporate America before. If you’ve never worked at the senior leadership level, they’ve got action plan rooms dedicated to this. I’ve had the blessing of being at some of the biggest companies in the world, and when I worked with these executives, they dorked out on this.

“Oh, here’s what we’re working on, Dr. Laura,” and there’s a board. I just call it the Action Plan Board. And what they’re writing on the Action Plan Board is everything they’re working and moving towards. And I see that Action Plan Board, and I know them. I know they’re going to achieve it.

It’s important. If you’ve ever been a member—I know we have a lot of members of the US military here, congratulations my fellow brothers and sisters in arms. We represent and honor your service. We respect you so much; I love the military at this. They put a bunch on a board, everyone stands around and talks about it. In your business I’m sure you’ve got a white board somewhere, but here’s the issue, a lot of people have a white board—in their house, in their home, in their office—and it’s empty all the time. Or they use it once in a while.

The Action Plan Board is a permanent plan for achieving what this year? So if you don’t have that, give yourself the gift. Go get some butcher paper or a big poster board, tape it up, get some blue tape so it doesn’t rip off your paint, and tape it up on a wall. Draw a box—July, August, September, October, November, December, and get razor clear.

  • What are your monthly or your weekly goals?

  • What’s going to be on there?

  • What are you achieving?

  • What are you working towards?

For some of you, the reason you haven’t doubled your progress this year is because your eye keeps getting taken off the game plan.

You lose yourself in this. Listen, I guess the average person picks their phone up over 80 times a day. They pick up their phone 80 times a day and look, and look, and look. But if you ask them, “Did you look at your action plan for the year? Do you know where you’re at this month? What’s going on for next month?” And they can’t even say yes with integrity.

This is a challenge. This is a problem, my friends. So let’s get better at this and create your Action Plan Board. I want to see this. I want you to create your Action Plan Board in your house, your office. No matter what you write on there, I want you to take a picture of it. I want you to put it in our Facebook group, Get in there and post your pictures. Show us your Action Plan Boards. We want to see them.

Put it on social media, on Instagram, on LinkedIn, if you want to, #ActionPlanBoard. I’d love to see your Action Plan Boards. You’ve got to have a board up.

How are you going to win if you don’t have a board up?

If you ever visit a stock exchange, old school, down on the stock floor, and you looked up and they got all the numbers ticking across there, it tells everyone on the floor what to pay attention to—what to do. Now we’ve advanced beyond that obviously, but there’s some symbolism in that.

Did you look at your goals every day this year? It’s such a simple question. Every day—I don’t mean once in a while. Every day! If you didn’t, my invitation to you is to consider the fact that

  • Maybe the amount of time that you’re spending with your goals is not sufficient enough to motivate you.

  • Maybe, the amount of time you’re spending with your goals is not sufficient enough to keep you focused.

  • Maybe the amount of time you’re spending with your goals is not sufficient enough to activate the unconscious part of your brain that says, “I know how to achieve that.”

  • Maybe it’s the reason you’re not coming up with more ideas in the shower in the morning; because you’re not queuing your brain with enough representation or enough repetition of looking at your specific goals.

Because when you look at your specific goals over and over and over again, day after day after day after day, it literally helps rewire your brain. It helps program your brain to say,

“Let me pay attention to ideas, thoughts, and feelings I have consciously and unconsciously that might be able to manifest these goals.”

And this is why having a visual representation of what you’re after, and looking at it every day, is so critical to all of personal development and business development training of all time.

But why is it that so many people still don’t do it? They just get caught up.

More people look at other people’s Facebook every day than they do their own goals and we wonder why so many people are struggling to achieve things faster. Let’s get you back on your plan. Let’s get you back on moving forward because you’re paying attention to what is necessary for your life, your business, and your goals every day. Best of all, if you have your goals, I appreciate listening to goals, but I’d rather see it charted out on a page: monthly goals and major activities.

Mission statement? Okay. Three words that define who I am? Okay. My values? Great. Something up on that board that you look at and go,

“There’s my life, that’s what I’m working towards today.”

All right, I hope you enjoyed my blog today. If you did, would you do me two simple things? Number one, share with 3 people, and number two, click “subscribe” down below. That will help so much, and then you’ll get notices every time I post a new blog plus get our monthly newsletter.

It’s our philosophy of living that says,

“I want to live the highest version of myself, I want a life that’s vibrant and connected and excellence-driven.”

You want to reach that next level of high performance and success in your life.

The first one is our new High Achievers Planner. This is what I fill out every morning to keep my mindset good and positive, to live a happy life, to really prepare myself for the day. So it helps me not only set my goals, but make sure my priorities are clear, helps me keep a clean schedule, review and rate and measure myself at the end of each day on the high achievement tasks that we know, and makes me more successful.

This is available through us only for now. It’s called the High Achievers Planner. Pick up a copy of it . It’s what I fill out every morning.

This is the new tools for our Cornerstone Consulting community. I hope you engage and start creating and implementing your Action Plan for success in life, in work, and in play.

Again, please subscribe, please share, stay part of #CornerstoneConsulting. As you know,

Every single day you have many choices.

You can go be average or ordinary, or you can choose to be extraordinary.

So my friends, go be extraordinary.

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